Telefónica Ventures into eSports Arena

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Telefónica Ventures into eSports Arena

Post by sanjay kumar » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:43 pm

.....Telefónica España has entered into a partnership with eSports giant ESL, with plans to develop a platform featuring exclusive content for Movistar+ and the digital arena, while also creating a professional club for electronic sports.

The agreement includes localization into Spanish and customization of major international ESL competitions in Spain with Movistar+. Movistar will also have a presence at major gaming shows and eSports events associated with ESL Arena and ESL Expo.

The content creation platform will be advertised on all media: digital media, social networks and TV. Movistar+ will incorporate programming with eSports content into its current sports offering. Movistar eSports will offer the sports’ biggest matches. On Movistar Deportes 1 and Movistar Deportes 2, fans will be able to enjoy specific timeslots of eSports content. Also, channel #0 will provide the latest news and updates from the eSports world on the daily program Minuto #0. Movistar Stadium will broadcast a weekly magazine. Additionally, Movistar will create a digital platform providing fans a space on the internet where they can check the latest updates and program scheduling.

Movistar has also created Movistar Riders, an eSports club made up of various professional video game teams. The club will have a physical headquarters at the Movistar Gaming Center. Movistar Riders will be structured like a professional sports club and will start out with five teams.

Luis Miguel Gilpérez, president of Telefónica España, said: “This will create an electronic gaming ecosystem in the country which, in addition to the very best telecommunications networks, will position Telefónica and its Movistar brand at the epicenter of this mass phenomenon that young people are joining with unbridled enthusiasm. We want to do our part for eSports, which we believe is the sport of the 21st century.”

Gilpérez added, “Movistar will provide eSports with the very best fiber connectivity, a key aspect for an optimal gaming experience. From now on, the agreement with ESL will enable us to follow new eSport talents, who we hope to help achieve their dreams, just as we have done up to now with our commitment to other sports...