Zee Unimedia takes on IPL with new sponsorship packages

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Zee Unimedia takes on IPL with new sponsorship packages

Post by Gohel Manish » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:58 am

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest media property in India and has thousands of crores of ad dollars riding on it.

Even as IPL’s official broadcast partner Star India is aggressively wooing advertisers for IPL 2018 its rival ZEEL has also come with a counter strategy to bring advertisers on its side.

Zee Unimedia, the ad sales arm of ZEEL, has come out with sponsorship packages in the range of Rs 15-30 crore offering the same reach as the IPL.

Zee Unimedia COO Ashish Sehgal said that the company is offering the same reach as IPL at a lower cost.

Based on past data, the company is offering different packages including reach, reach within a specific TG and customised packages.

Unlike IPL, which is a single property, ZEEL will offer reach and impact through multiple channels and properties.

“IPL takes away a lot of ad money during this time so we have come up with this unique offering to offer an alternative to IPL. The sponsorship packages are in the Rs 15-30 crore range,” Sehgal told TelevisionPost.com.

The packages include channels across news, entertainment and regional besides high-impact properties across channels as well as normal prime-time shows.

“It’s a scientific package that we have come up with. It has ratings of existing shows and impact properties across regions in addition to promotions and other value-adds,” he noted.

Sehgal claimed that ZEEL is the only network that has the strength to offer a package like this. “If you targeting that kind of a reach I as a network can give you maybe not from one channel or property but as a combination, I can offer you this,” he stated.

He also said that the company will offer more inventory to advertisers, however, the sponsorship rate will be lower than IPL. “It will be 40-50% cheaper than IPL offers,” Sehgal claimed.

The summer packages will be spread over a three month period from April to June.

“We are telling advertisers that if you have the capacity to spend Rs 30-40 crore in 45 days we are offering the same reach in a longer period,” he added.

Sehgal also said that the packages have just been launched and clients are evaluating it. “We are not looking at that many clients as a large part of our inventory is anyways sold,” he said.