NAGRA helps Telefónica Movistar secure its IPTV service across legacy STBs and next-gen 4K boxes

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NAGRA helps Telefónica Movistar secure its IPTV service across legacy STBs and next-gen 4K boxes

Post by sanjay kumar » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:24 am

Telefónica has deployed the NAGRA Security Services Platform (SSP) with NAGRA Connect clients to secure its Movistar IPTV service and 4K UHD content in multiple countries. The new security platform gives Telefónica a single, 4K-ready content protection system that can secure multiple device types including next-generation and legacy set-top boxes. A key consumer benefit is access to 4K content on the newest STBs. This is the first deployment of the NAGRA SSP and NAGRA Connect with a telco provider in an IPTV environment.

Maurice Van Riek, SVP Content and Asset Security at NAGRA, says: “The NAGRA Security Services Platform provides a single suite of solutions to address every content protection need and provides a scalable and modular system for managing multiple environments across existing and newer generation set-top boxes. Together with the Connect client, Telefónica has a robust and comprehensive 4K and IP-ready content protection solution that can seamlessly deploy across device generations, regions and markets.”

The NAGRA Security Services Platform (SSP) goes beyond simple CAS and DRM management to give service providers complete control of content value protection across all of their networks, devices and use cases, and can be deployed on an operator’s premises or in the cloud, in a software-as-a-service model (SaaS). Its Connect client provides cable and IPTV service providers with a native IP security solution that combines the best of CAS and DRM solutions into a single client supporting connected broadcast, IPTV, operator and third-party OTT delivery (including Netflix), and in-home distribution.

The Connect client features what NAGRA says is a unique Adaptive Security concept that pragmatically leverages the security infrastructure of any client device to uniformly address a wide range of STB generations, all from one single platform. The NAGRA SSP and its range of security solutions fully support the Movielabs enhanced content protection profile...